1. Changing your Account Password


  • Login to your Account and choose “Change Account Settings”.

  • Enter the old (existing) password and the new password.


2. Resetting Your Forgotten Password


  • In case you have forgotten your Limitless eBooks account password, you can reset it by initiating a request for a personalized "password reset" link be sent to your registered e-mail address.

  • Visit the “Forgot Password?” link under the login area.

  • Follow the self-explanatory on-screen instructions.

  • An e-mail with a link to reset your password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

  • Follow the instructions on the e-mail.


3. Viewing Prior Orders


  • Login to your Account and traverse to “Order History”.

  • This view shows all your prior orders


4. Finding eBooks by Genre and Category


    • eBooks can be filtered on by category, by selecting the genre. Further refinement is available to find the ebooks you are interested in. eBooks can also be filtered by price, reviews, and release date.

5. Sorting by Best Selling & Other Criteria

    • Within a filtering criteria you can easily sort by Best Selling for Paid ebooks, and Top downloads for free ebooks.

6. Reading Samples

    • At Limitless eBooks, you can sample 10% of the ebook of your choice before adding it to your shopping-cart.

      • Select add sample to library

    • The ebook will be added to your Samples library under EBOOKS

    • You will be able to read the sample on the web or on our ereader apps.

7. Adding and Removing Items From The Shopping-Cart

    • Just click on the “Add to cart” button against each displayed item. You can view your cart as shown below

    • You can remove selected eBooks from your personalized shopping cart. Just click on the “trash bin” icon against the item in the shopping cart.

    • After items are added you can pay with PayPal or your credit card.

8. Return Policy

  • At Limitless eBooks, we provide our customers with the opportunity to preview 10% of the ebook you intend to buy. Because of this we generally do not support returns. However if there is a material issue with the book you have purchased (text is not readable etc.) reach out to us via support@limitlessebooks.com citing the issue with the ebook for a refund. After a review of the issue while we reserve the right to not issue a refund we may do so should the situation warrant it. .

9. Contact Us/Feedback

    • You can contact us for assistance or to provide customer feedback by making use of our Contact form.

    • Click on the “Contact” link at the bottom of the Limitless eBooks page.

    • Fill-in your personal details such as Name, E-Mail and Message.

    • Our support staff will respond to your query.

    • Alternatively, you can send in your inquiries and feedback via email to: support@limitlessebooks.com

10. Author Review Process and Guidelines

    • A buyer can leave rate ebooks and leave feedback against their ebooks by going to their Order History and selecting the “Add Review” icon.

We request feedback shouldn’t include :

    • words which are commonly considered obscene or profane.

    • include seller-specific personally identifiable information. This could include seller e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, full name or address, etc.

11. Reading the eBook

Limitless eBooks offers a five ways to read on your digital device:

    • Read using the Web based reader, to read your ebook on the Web. (on your PC or smart phone)

      • Simply select the Read Icon next to your ebook to read it on the WebViewer.